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Madrid Artes Digitales

Immerse yourself in the work of Klimt

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Matadero Madrid, the contemporary creation centre of the Spanish Municipal Secretariat of Culture, Tourism and Sport, host the new centre of immersive experiences MAD (Madrid Artes Digitales) in Nave 16 (Warehouse 16). A revolutionary space for cultural digital development, unique in Spain and Europe, where the latest technology is at the service of the most innovative artistic practices. A creative zone that experiments with immersion through audio-visual projections, holography, augmented and virtual reality in order to create a new relationship between art and society.
And the premiere couldn’t have had a better host. When, on March the 4th, the MAD opened its doors, it had a large format production based on the work of painter Gustav Klimt, which was visited until the 27th of the same month.
With large format projections on an area of more than 2000 sqm, the audience of all ages will have the opportunity to dive into vibrant Vienna from the late 19th century and to almost feel part of the canvases that the painter created and the buildings he decorated, enjoying a 3D experience with virtual reality glasses and interactive tools.

A revolutionary space for cultural digital development, unique in Spain and Europe

It should be remembered that Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) is one of the most acclaimed artists of all time, the painter of some of the best-known and most valuable works in the history of art, such as The Kiss, 1907-1908, possibly his most famous painting, or The Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, also called The Lady in Gold or The Woman in Gold, 1907. With an unmistakable style, his work is fundamental to understanding the evolution of painting towards modernity, which led Klimt to also be a reference in fashion and aesthetics to the present day.
Created in 2006 and located in the city’s former abattoir and cattle market, the Artist Residence Centre (Matadero) is an area of great heritage and architectural value in Madrid. An extensive programme is developed in its different warehouses consisting of exhibitions, theatre, festivals, live music, cinema and audio-visual projects, conferences, lectures and workshops, artistic residencies, educational programmes and family activities. A small city dedicated to culture that can be visited on the banks of the Manzanares River.

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