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The Lodge Wine & Business Hotel

With its sights set on wine tourism

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The new 5-star hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia came about from the conversion of an old port wine cellar. Designed by the Arq2525 studio and with interior design by Nini Andrade Silva, this hotel has 119 rooms and has its sights set on wine tourism. It features a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and a bar. Located 300 metres from the Port Wine Cellars, it is almost hidden amongst the houses of the historic centre, with the building’s façades respecting the architectural style of the old cellars, in this case those of Real Companhia Velha. The inspiration could be no other than the fine drink of the Douro and, therefore, everything refers to vineyards dressed in autumn colours. The amber and the dark blue of ripe grapes are the dominant colours. They are joined by photographs of grape harvests and traditional elements, such as wicker baskets and cork walls. A relaxed luxury with a privileged view of Oporto’s riverside neighbourhood. One of the highlights is the Dona Maria Restaurant, a tribute to the infanta who took the oldest Portuguese cookbook to Italy. Chef Ricardo Simões produces his version of traditional gastronomy.
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