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Innovative X-ray system arrives in Portugal

EOS emits up to 95% less radiation

PMmedia Adv.
It is called EOS and it is a new X-ray system with up to 95% less radiation that maps the whole body. The examination evaluates the condition and connections between spine, hip and lower limbs and joints, through scanning of the body with low radiation and scanning with three-dimensional images. Traditional X-ray and tomography tests are often used to assess the existence and development of diseases. However, the former is inaccurate and the second emits high levels of radiation that can be harmful. In addition, these tests are performed with the patient lying down, which prevents factors such as posture and alignment from being analyzed. With the EOS, the patient stands and, therefore, it is possible to notice how certain characteristics or involvements influence the vertical position. EOS has just arrived in Portugal and it is available at CUF Descobertas Hospital.
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